10 Travel accessories you need

Travel tips

Everyone who travels has our small arsenal of foundations that always, yes or yes, we pack and take with us, wherever you go.

And with experience, you realize the things that can be very useful and you only remember when you need them.

We have prepared a list of accessories that make your trip easier and more comfortable, here are:

1.) Stair travel bag

Now you can forget about arriving at the airport to check-in, realize that you are overweight and start taking things out of the suitcase by putting them or putting them in another suitcase.

This accessory is a digital weight with which no occupancy is made and will save you a lot of time, it also has a built-in counter so you can check if the measurements of the suitcase comply with the rules of the servicing airline.

2.) Travel pad

I confess that I have resisted traveling with a happy travel cushion, especially because it was dome. Although I came to see people with the pillow of home, good.

When the trips are too long, it is worth it, it allows you to rest and sleep more comfortably without the risk of a cervical breakout of both heads!.

3.) plugs to insulate from noise

300 passengers, 1 baby, where do you sit? In the seats around the mine, safe.

And I understand it’s not your fault to cry or make you nervous, but neither I, the solution, the earplugs.

For me, it is already a necessity, but not only on the plane but also in the hotels.

I can’t stand the noise and I appreciate the silence, but a lot.

I put my plugs and I live so richly ignorant of everything.

4.) Universal plug adapter

Impossible to travel without one or two of these (depends on its variety of electronic devices), Especially I especially like these types of adapters that are an all-in-one. If it also carries a USB port, so still, because that way I can put the phone or Tablet.

An accessory like this can’t be missing in the suitcase.

5.) Folding travel bag

Today the subject goes from confessions to my Decathlon is like Ikea, I can not leave with anything, and on one of those visits. I left with one of these bags, it is great, because it is not so much nothing until nothing when it is loaded folded (18-26 cm), but then they fit a lot of things.

The typical thing that you go to a place to miss the shopping papers, do not get in the suitcase and in the end, you have to buy one because with this bag is more, you need great, you do not lose space.

6.) Mini Bluetooth speaker

If you like to bring music everywhere, this accessory is great, takes up almost no space and adapts to a dual function, as it also allows you to charge your phone when you have it connected.

I think it’s very useful when I move in with a rented car because it connects your phone and you can listen to your music.

7.) Travel covers

There are many elements designed for people who make the campsite perfect for general trips, one I’ve been transporting for a while is this package of cutlery, it’s very useful (and you don’t need to be camping), it’s not the first time that “I have to lend” is O a tablespoon of the hotel, to make a sandwich or have a yogurt.

However, put it in the suitcase that gets stuck at the airport, take you away!

8.) Folding Cup

In addition to the travel cutlery, this folding cup perfectly meets the requirements to be on this list, takes up almost no space and is very practical and the truth so I find it difficult to save the use of plastic cups that break in the backpack.

9.) GPS Navigator

The GPS navigator is one of those accessories that I always carry in my suitcase, before going to the road I download the map of the country and the interior.

If I already know that I am going to take a rented car, I also tend to put the points of interest that I need before going on a trip, so I don’t have to waste time getting there and of course I forget to rent a GPS to my destination or pay a donkey to consume data on Mobile Devices.

10.) Mobile goals

And if you are the one who makes your photos with your cell phone, these lenses will be great, because there is no need to give up spectacular photos, even if you just take the phone and not the super mega-You Die SLR camera with a lens that weighs more than your Suitcase. This lens is 4 for 1, it brings two macro lenses, a fisheye and a wide-angle, more impossible in less space.