The 10 most romantic cities in the world


Any time is perfect to visit one of the 10 most romantic cities in the world. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to surprise your partner. Here we show the cities with the most love in the air.

The truth is that every time you’re with your partner, Love will make the city perfect. But it is true that there are the most romantic cities in the world. Cities that are able to awaken the timidest heart and inspire you to live the love in your streets. And so that you can enjoy an unforgettable trip, we propose a list of cities that awaken romanticism.

The 10 most romantic cities in the world

We look forward to helping you with this list of the most romantic cities in the world. Don’t wait for a special date to show how much you care about your partner, with one of these destinations.


First, among the most romantic cities in the world, is Paris. With its mallet-filled streets, romantic lamps, calm in its streets and the sound of a relaxing accordion playing a café. Romanticism is breathed in every corner.

New York

If you’re a cosmopolitan couple, New York is your city. Full of Monday and large buildings, which contrast with its quiet and quiet parks. Its views are breathtaking, but also to see how the city cuts the horizons, it is overwhelming.


It’s the most romantic corner of Italy. Tuscany, with its green meadows and villages that have been in time. Absolute tranquility to take a walk among its vineyards and enjoy the colorful balconies. If you like the sun, it’s a perfect place to look for it.


The blue village of Chefchaouen, in Morocco, falls in love with its blue Tuareg, which contrasts with the vegetation of its trees and its flower-decorated steps. It is a trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world, thanks to its colors and the life it breathes between the streets.

Buenos Aires

In the city of Japan. A quiet place full of memories of the past, with large spaces to walk. Stunning temples and romantic and spectacular gardens. If you also go in autumn, the red of your leaves will leave you speechless.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Learning the tango in your crib could be the activity of the best pairs you can do. But also, walking through its streets, to the life it has. Buenos Aires is full of contrasts, merging the city with green areas. And its climate is warm like its people.

The beautiful city of Croatia can welcome you and show you how its streets with cobs and the port, give the name of the Pearl of the Adriatic. A romantic city, for its beautiful views and unique architecture. Without a doubt, Dubrovnik is a before and after on his travels.


The Oporto is located in Portugal. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world, due to the quality of its buildings. A walk among many buildings of different colors that contrast with the blue sky and that Delimis with its famous port.


In the heart of Scotland. Although most days are grey, the green of its meadows is intense. And it’s so beautiful to be able to see its centuries-old buildings, and corners as you pass through its places, like Scone.

Lofoten Islands

How not to see the Northern Lights on a romantic getaway. In Norway, we find ourselves in the Lofoten Islands, in the midst of large mountains, submerged in icy waters. Despite the cold, the reflection of sunlight in the ice shells will make a night with the magical lights of the north.

When you visit one of the most romantic cities in the world, you make your love have testimonies from all over the world. Because there’s nothing like a city of love, to enjoy the company, each other. We ask you what other romantic cities you know and that has been a great experience. Share with us the most romantic trip you’ve ever had.