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There is no way to travel, and there are times when planning your trip with an alternative travel agency can be a great option even for those who like to travel to our air.

From destinations that may seem more complicated, last-minute trips that don’t give time to organize anything, or trips to a large group of people…

However, there can be many times and occasions when you choose to travel with a travel agency is an option to consider.

And things have changed a lot, with the Internet our way of traveling is completely different, many people organize our trips because thanks to the Internet we have access to things that were previously impossible.

This also forced travel agencies to reinvent themselves and bring alternative travel agencies to the market by trying to offer the best of both worlds.

Alternative travel agency

In recent years, alternative travel agencies have sprung up in the market, with the aim of organizing a trip adapted to your needs.

Advantages of an alternative travel agency

What can an alternative travel agency offer over a traditional travel agency?

Tailor-made course

An alternative travel agency can make a trip tailored to your needs. Most importantly you can travel to the destination of your choice without leaving on predetermined dates.

Private travel

If you don’t like the travel group (many people, for example, don’t like this group travel thing), an alternative travel agency will offer you the alternative of a private trip.

Only with your companions, if you want you can offer a travel guide at the destination that will accompany you for one of the visits or excursions, but if not, you can go completely to your air.

Forget about bookings with a travel agency

A great advantage of traveling with a travel agency is that all the booking work you save.

And those who travel alone already know what it is and the work it gives you. Besides, The agency is responsible for providing hotel reservations, flights, excursions and even excursions, guided tours or tickets.

You’ll have everything done and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Travel assistance

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks when traveling on your own is that if you have a problem, you should fix it yourself.

Although, in general, this doesn’t have to happen, and in the end, everything has a solution, but it’s not the same to have a problem in France as having a problem in Thailand.

Some friends had a training problem in Japan and it took them more than 4 hours to fix it, trying to get along with the person who said he didn’t speak English and doesn’t speak Japanese, and I guarantee you that trying to fix something with Google Translator is pretty complicated.

With an alternative to the travel agency that is covered, you will have 24-hour travel assistance and any issues will help you.

Trips adapted for two or ten people

Whether you are a member or a group of 20 people, one of the great advantages of an alternative travel agency is that you have trips adapted to the number of people you are.

If you organize a trip for two already has fabric, arranging a trip to 20 is a heart attack.

Only once did he organize a trip to a large group and it’s a big mess. Therefore With an alternative travel agency, you will forget about any kind of complication.


I like and enjoy doing it a lot, but I think if one day I choose a destination that can be more complicated, I can decide to try an alternative to the travel agency.

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If you have experience with this type of travel, I would like you to tell me in the comments and tell us your opinion.